Cubage and rectification

Until 1000x400 !

Correction, it is the ultimate removal of matter (by means of a grinding stone) in the manufacturing process of a part. This operation confers its final coast to him (generally expressed in microns), are surface quality and its geometrical form. Intended for microtechnic or the car, and aerospace whatever the machined matter.

Steel, Special steels, ferrous and nonferrous Metals, Metals hard, Ceramic, composite Matters…

The requests at the time of are uses, are generally the applications for which one intends it, require that it be machined with a respect of the coasts of a very high degree of accuracy.

Using our plane grinding machine (plate 1000x400), your parts will be perfectly smooth and will respect your coasts in an extremely precise way.

Supply and machining of plates all dimensions for:

- General Mechanics
- Moulds and models
- Mechanical Tools
- Stamping and Cutting tools
- Special Machines
- Tools of control, etc…

Blocks, plates and microphone-blocks on manufacture.

A STOCK which answers all your requirements: of 10 mm to 250 mm of thickness, sheet with the large block.

OUR TIMES: from 2 to 5 days for nuance held in stock Tool steels, stainless steel, non-ferrous alloy.